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Welcome to the section of the website mysteriously called 'Props'. What could it possibly contain?

Like other Ref groups, most of our practical time before LARP events is spent in creating props. After accommodation and food for weekend events in particular, it's what happens with the bulk of our remaining budget. We felt we were selling ourselves a bit short by not dedicating at least some space to talk about the things that consume our time, our health, and sanity.


As you will see, there are two sections (so far) below: one section is for props that we are enormously proud of and we want to share the details of. This section will cover physical props, sound, and video. These are things that have made us or players go "wow" or "argh" or an amusing mixture of both. Don't get us wrong - we're bloody happy with all of the props we create and we would never release anything into an event if we weren't completely happy with it. Nonetheless, some things stand out.


The second section is less exclusive and simply covers those props for which we have some record (i.e. images) of how they were put together. We're often so caught up in the frenzy of making things that we forget to take in progress shots. This is something we hope to do more of in the future and we hope you enjoy seeing things behind the scenes.


The Prop Display Cabinet

Welcome to the props display case!

Over the course of the events we’ve run we’ve produced a variety of props. There are some, however, which stand out for us. This can be due to their effectiveness in the scenario, the amount of work which went into making them work, or just because we’re fickle like that.

Basically, these are props which we are proud of and props that we feel show the quality of our events and what we're capable of.


The Book of The Dark

The Book of the Dark was the key item in resolving the plot of The Ties That Bind. It contained all the information that the players needed to escape the scenario presented obscurely across the chapters it contained...


The Foundling Files

In total 47 Foundlings were created for the game Incident No. ###. 40 of these had phys reps in the game itself. The prop work for this event was extensive, but nothing conveyed that quite as successfully as the effort that went into creating Foundling files...

The God Egg

The God Egg was the home of an embryonic God from another reality which had been laid to gestate in our own plane. It had the appearance of a large, strange, not-of-this-world rock resembling some sort of obelisk. it featured in the game The Legend of Lullaby Pass...



Coming Soon...

Coming soon...

How It's Made

Occasionally we remember to actually take photos of different stages of prop creation. Not often, though. It tends to be a case of sharing things with other refs and saying “hurr, grim innit?” rather than pictures which have been well-composed showing useful things like material which have been used, measurements, or the like. This is something we definitely want to get into the habit of doing.


The Piemen

The Piemen were created for a charity-won event, Rites of Passage, and, as such, we had a budget of £0 + whatever Refs could afford to soak on materials. Fortunately we had enough rubbish lying around the place that we were able to make some pretty effective monsters on a shoe-string budget....



Coming Soon....

Coming soon...



Coming Soon....

Coming soon...




What Props would you like us to feature in this section? Are there any which have stuck out in your mind that you'd like to get a "behind the scenes" perspective on? If so, please comment below!




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