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Past Events

Here's where you can see details on the events that Aeon Horror LARP have run.


We run weekend long LARP events (time in on Friday evening, time out Sunday midday), one day LARP events (usually lasting around 8 hours), and custom events. Custom events are games that people have bought from us and have been able to tailor, making requests around details such as time period, the nature of the threat, and the focus of the game (puzzle or action, for example). We put our services in this area up for sale in an annual charity auction for Lancaster's Animal Care Charity. All proceeds of the auction go towards the charity so these get run on a bit of a shoe string!


For more information about our events, please visit the About Events page.


Weekend Events

Our Lady of Absolution

Spring 2015: The year was 1350. It was. It had also been 1351, 1352, 1360, 1380, 1400, 1450, 1500, and 1550. In fact, unbeknownst to the members of the humble hermitage of Our Lady of Absolution, the world beyond their boundary had progressed two centuries and was five months into the year of our Lord, 1564. 

Unbeknownst to all, that is, except for Prior Benaçus di Chellino...


The Legend of Lullaby Pass

Spring 2014: Colorado. A lonely waystation with a grim past sits on a treacherous pass of the San Juan Mountains. Between 1860 and 1880, no one could have guessed the events that took place there and in the surrounding area just 10 years before. Sure, there were stories told of a lost pioneer family and their belongings as they attempted the dangerous route during a bad winter, but stories are stories...


Crying Foul

Spring 2013: Dr David Bradbury was a man running; from himself, his life choices, from the people he’d left behind, and from the dreadful encounter in West Africa in 1912 with his erstwhile mentor, Dr Samuel Whittaker which started everything. In 1928 Dr Bradbury died as a result of mysterious sickness, leaving his estate, his possessions, and his life's work up for sale...


The Ties that Bind

Summer 2012: In April, 1925, an eclectic group of individuals congregated at The White Lodge, home of eccentric and reclusive gentleman of independent means, Niles Hansford. Although each came with their own reason, it became ever more apparent that there were deeper currents at work...



One Day Events

Incident No. ###

Winter 2014: Employees of the NFQ Antarctic facility 119 found the drudge of their day-to-day lives broken by the arrival of an innocuous new Foundling, one whose processing and quarantine should have not caused much difficulty to the highly trained Research staff. Somewhat predictably, things did not go as intended. After a series of unfortunate events, the site was subject to a series of increasingly severe alert states. Unfortunately, this escalated up to secret Delta Level which would see the entire site nuked from orbit unless order could be restored...

The Room

Winter 2013: "Welcome to recruitment. You have been chosen because you are in possession of qualities or skills which are deemed Useful. The following exercises will display how you use qualities or skills under pressure. Your behaviour throughout these exercises will be monitored. Your actions or inaction will all go towards your final result..."


The Black Box

Winter 2012: In 1968 the passengers of Luton flight EZ771 and of staff of Carlisle Airport found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time as the powers that held back ancient and wild forces began to unravel...

Custom Events

Rites of Passage

Summer 2014: So, whatever happened at Swift House on the night of the 25th of July, 1958? It had all started so well with guests arriving, introductions made, and gifts exchanging hands. Conversation and wine flowed and dinner eagerly devoured. 

Things started to go a bit wrong when poor Uncle Bertie staggered back from the little boys' room with his eyes and tongue missing, and resumed his place at the table. Dessert was no longer a viable option...

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