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20th September, 2015

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Wednesday the 27th of May, 2015

Followers of our website (and indeed recent larp participants!) will be aware that just a week and a bit ago we ran Our Lady of Absolution. A deeply grim and contemplative event for all concerned. The website has been updated with event details for the morbidly curious. We also have place holders ready and waiting for details of the next three events we hope to run. We have two events coming up which are 1-day games (well, evening games really). for people who have won our services through the Animal Care charity auction which has had its second, very successful, year. Due to the nature of them, these events have participants who are selected by the winners. We therefore cannot advertise spaces, but we will be sharing details of these games as we did with Rites of Passage.

We have also now put a page up for details of our next weekend event to be run in Spring 2016. To say that it's going to be different to Our Lady of Absolution is something of an understatement.


Thursday the 26th of February, 2015

New site and Incident No. ### has now been updated in the Past Events section. The Ref team are still reeling from how well it went and we're looking forward to being able to share more photos with you all! More updates to come soon....



Friday the 30th January, 2015

Phew, so, it's been a while.
Those happy folks who have signed up to our events over the last few months will be aware of the various difficulties we've been having. In summary: members of the Ref team have been beset by all manner of shittiness. Rather than cancel any of our events, however, we made the decision back in late November to postpone our 1-day event in order to do as much as we can to make sure it's successful. Our Spring event remains unaffected.
This is the first time that we've been forced to do this, but we felt it would have damaged the game to try and make it happen when it was initially scheduled. We're happy to say that our players have been incredibly supportive.

In other news: If you're a complete novice to the sort of games we run, we can whole-heartedly recommend the games which are being organised by our sister team Room 13. Check out their website to learn more!

We have nothing else to add at this stage as we've been so busy with things! We hope that you've all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Monday the 15th September, 2014

We have a few things to update on:
We've successfully filled up the first 10 spaces for our December 1-day event, Incident No. ###
We now have the dates confirmed for our weekend event next year. Our Lady of Absolution will be happening on the weekend of the 15th of May. please see the event page for specifics.
Finally, Joe England, the incredibly talented creator of the webcomic Zebra Girl did a sketch of one of our least liked NPCs. This came as a result of one of your lovely Ref-shapes sponsoring his Patreon campaign. An all around excellent guy with a terrifying imagination. Right up our back alley


Wednesday the 27th of August, 2014

Well, would you look at that? The ENORMOUS WALL OF TEXT which is our pitch for 2015's weekend event, Our Lady Of Absolution is now ready for reading!


Sunday the 24th of August, 2014

Hullo! The pitch for our one-day December event, Incident No. ###  is now awaiting your perusal.


Monday the 28th of July, 2014

Aeon Horror have now run their first ever evening event, Rites of Passage, and, er, well, it was a TPK (total party kill). Whoops... . We knew it was going to be grim, but that was a bit unexpected. Nonetheless, we're happy that players had a good time and feedback has been tragic and hilarious in parts. A lot of should've, would've, and could'ves seem to be floating around, but at the end of the day we knew it was going to be tough and the players did an amazing job. We weren't exactly gentle. We loved how much effort everyone put into personal props, costume touches, and their own particular brands of crazy.

We're hoping that more photos will become available in time, but for now we wanted to share what an amazing experience it was and reward the players with the event write-up.

Massive, massive thanks to Mew for making the whole thing possible. We had great fun and would love to do more games like that in the future. With or without everyone getting lobotomised and then slaughtered, perhaps.




Tuesday the 3rd of June, 2014

Just a wee small update today - Lucie's profile has been added to the Team page. Hopefully there will be another one or two joining her in the coming weeks!
Behind the scenes, we're busy working away for the Rites of Passage event. So far, so grim.



Monday the 28th of April, 2014

No sooner have we finished one event and we're on with the next one! This coming July, Aeon Horror will be running a private event for Mew who won the lot for Aeon Horror to run an evening event in the recent charity auction. As this is a private event, we will not be opening spaces for booking. However, we would still like to share the details of the event with you so you can see what we get up to. You can see the information here: Rites of Passage.



Wednesday the 23rd of April, 2014

If you have not seen the previous site update, then please do have a look!
Further to that, the page for The Legend of Lullaby Pass has now been updated, complete with sample gallery and character sheets. We hope you like the new layout!



Tuesday the 22nd of April, 2014

Hello to site viewers, new and old! You may have noticed some changes around the place - chiefly that the group formerly known as Black Swan Horror has changed its name to Aeon Horror. Reasons for this are many but the short form is that just over a month ago we lost one of our most loved members, Newt. The change of name has been done in her honour. We have our Reasons. And they are in no way at all associated with her tendency to flaunt her arsehole. Nope. That would be outright immature of us.

Anyway, yes! Other changes and interesting news:

If you look on the Future Events section of the site, you will see that there are two "Special" events listed. We are very proud indeed to announce that we were part of a successful auction to raise money for Lancaster's Animal Care charity. Two of the lots we offered were custom-made, closed events for the winning bidders. Although these events are not open to general participation, we still want to share our plans and add things like photos and plot.
We have successfully run our third weekend event, The Legend of Lullaby Pass! The event was an incredible amount of fun to run and players have given us some excellent feedback. I'll be updating the site soon with all the pictures and info including - at the request of players and Refs alike - the character sheets.
Our main contact email has been changed to This has been updated on the Contact Us page. Other changes are still happening (there will be the occasional BSH which will have slipped the net), but these will be caught over the coming week.
I think that's everything for now! Stay tuned for more changes in the next few days.


Saturday the 25th of January, 2014

A new year, and a new site update! Apologies for the delay, but The Room has now been moved to the Past Events page and has been updated with plot overview, pictures, and bonus downloadable material of the slides that were displayed as part of the setting.
Things are now going full speed ahead for April's event, The Legend of Lullaby Pass. As such, this site will go quiet for a few months.

We'll see you on the other side!


Tuesday the 15th of October, 2013

Following the now annual "Horror LARP is amazeballs and you should play" lecture at the LURPS meeting this evening, I am very pleased to announce that we have signed up some new players and have just 1 space remaining (at the time of writing) for The Room. Welcome to new site visitors!


Tuesday the 1st of October, 2013

Well, the remaining spaces for Lullaby Pass came and went in all of 8.5 minutes! I didn't even have time to update here that they were "going live" which was quite exciting! Thanks to everyone who made use of the FB Page and kept in touch.

Next up: on Tuesday the 15th of October, the remaining players spaces for The Room will be made available to members of Lancaster University Role Playing Society.


Monday 19th August, 2013

Hurray! The front page no longer looks like crap! Massive thanks to SF John (a.k.a. Nigel) for putting together the awesome cover image. Also thanks to the talented Ann Sundqvist for the picture that's now given the Site Map page a bit of life :)


Wednesday 14th August, 2013

I accidentally the colour scheme. Again.


Monday 1st July, 2013

Wow - players spaces were opened and promptly filled for the first wave of players for our December 1-day event 'The Room' and April 2014 weekend event 'The Legend of Lullaby Pass'. That was brilliant - thank you so much everyone!

Remaining spaces will be opened later on this year in October so please stay tuned


Monday 24th June, 2013

Huzzah! Two new shiny events for you to look at :)
The pitches for our December 1-day event 'The Room' and April 2014 weekend event 'The Legend of Lullaby Pass' are now up for your delectation and delight.
Although it is said on the individual pages, booking is not open just yet - at this stage we just want to get enthusiasm and interest gauged. Booking will kick off on Monday the 1st of July, so watch this space or follow the FB Page.


Monday 22nd April, 2013

Hurray! I updated the Past Events section and gave the website a facelift. That means I get a cookie now, right? What's that? No I don't because I'm adult which means I'm supposed to seek gratification from the completion of a job well done?



Monday 1st April, 2013

Fear not citizens - this website is still live! There are only so many updates I can contrive between events. This is just an update following a bit of a tidy on the website. A couple of place holders have been stuck up for events we have planned for later in the year and for April of next year. Details will follow soon after we get this (very imminent!) weekend event, Crying Foul, done and dusted.



Monday 11th December, 2012

Well, Black Swan Horror successfully ran its first one-day event and I think I'm safe in saying that large quantities of snarly, panicked fun were had. Photos will be added to this site in the not-too-distant future to help add a bit more colour to the otherwise rather dull palette. Sincerest thanks to everyone who was involved. The players were fantastic (the costumes were fab), and the crew members with all their levels of involvement were a brilliant bunch to work with. Nice one, chaps :)

This is also an announcement to say that booking has closed for our 2013 weekend event, Crying Foul, as all 18 player spaces have been filled. If you'd like to have yourself added to the reserve list or are interested in crewing, please do let us know through the usual channels.



Monday 29th October, 2012

Just a post to say that the booking for our 1-day December event is now closed as all spaces have been filled. We do want as many NPCs as possible however, so if you'd like to get involved behind the scenes, then please get in touch! Some spaces are still available for April's weekend event. Please see the Future Events page for information.



Monday 17th September, 2012

Q: What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?
A: In all likelihood, yes. Yes it probably is.

Black Swan Horror are chuffed as 'owt to be able to open our up-coming events for booking.
As was first seeded down yonder in July, Black Swan Horror will be running two events over the next year. Now all the details have been confirmed and we're in a position to take ideas, give info and have started work on props in earnest, we can finally open up booking to you lovely shapes:

On Sunday December the 9th, we will be running The Black Box, a 1-day event through LURPS for LURPS members. If you are not member of LURPS but you would like to play, then please get in touch and we'll talk to you about details.
On April the 12th, 2013, we will be running Crying Foul, a full weekend event. For the sake of dodging confusion, this is not an event being run through LURPS and is open to anyone who would like to play.
Please see the event pages for specifics such as cost, times, locations, and the all-important pitches.

In other news: The website has had yet more tinkering. The Skills section of the site is now all done and dusted and there has been more system simplification.
We're now pretty confident that the website has everything present and correct for players new and old to be able to read about things like system and style. If you do have any feedback to give or if you think there are any areas of information missing, then just let us know. We've tried to cover as many bases as possible, but this has often been done under the influence of mild sleep-deprived hysteria.



Sunday 5th August, 2012

Not an update worth advertising just yet. New images on some pages (including this one), a few more details can be seen on the Winter 2012 event (booking not open yet), a Glossary made available through the About section, and there's some re-jiggery happening in the Skills section. Will have a properly advertised update when it's done.



Thursday 19th July, 2012

Holy. Freaking. Crap. If you're reading this then I'm already dead. Or I finally finished agonising over all the grammatical mistakes, poorly formatted titles and pixelated graphics and decided to make the sodding site live.
Please get in touch if, while reading through stuff, you do happen to spot any glaring errors, broken links or the like. I'm at the stage where if I look at this any longer, my eyeballs are going to recede into my brain.

So! Welcome!

To those players who played in our first game in April 2012, you'll already be familiar with some of the stuff on here which was linked to as part of your pre-event light reading. Since that game, however, we have taken on board player feedback around system and set-up, we've sharpened-up areas which were previously undefined, and we've opened things up a bit. For your quick reference, these are the changes you'll find (directly relevant to system):

  • Combat - the combat system has been greatly simplified with the key difference being that the same rules now apply for firearms as for melee. There's less fluff around Injury rules; you might also notice that there's been a change in the way death is handled - regardless of your character's starting health, -5 is death. We felt this made it fairer for all characters, and also enhances the danger of engaging in combat.
  • Will Power - We actually have some system written up about Will Power! Less said about not getting that done before April, the better... #cough#
  • Skills - skills remain the same, but there's detail in there if you'd like to contribute to the list with your own skill ideas
  • Sanity - the sanity system has been cut down a bit with less of my rambling and more specifics. It's not changed mechanically, but should be more interesting and easier to read now.
  • Game Mechanics - Purple and in-game calls. That's all you really need to know.
  • Health and Safety - we're insured now! Whodathunkit? As such, we need to stop you from murdering one-another, so, y'know, don't.

Beyond these important system changes and additions, the rest of the site should be a joyful playground of novelty and delight.


Something that you might pick up on (because you're a canny bunch) is the existence of a Future Events page.
Although details are to follow, I'm very pleased to announce that the Black Swan Horror Team will be running two horror events in the not-too-distant future.


The first event (date tbc) will be held in Michaelmas Term on-site at Lancaster University for members of LURPS. We're waiting for dates but once we know, we'll be in a position to make a formal announcement. This will be a one-day event and we're very much hoping to bring in new players to horror LARP and will be setting aside player slots for that purpose. In order to make this a good first event, we would appreciate any experienced players who fancy getting involved in the crew.

We'll make an official call to arms when we have specifics.

The second event (currently marked for April the 12th, 2013) will be a full weekend event. We will announce when the doors for this one are formally open as we need to firm up costs and venue. We're also hoping to grab some of the new players who might find themselves developing a taste after the Michaelmas game. There are some teaser details already up, so have fun poking those!


Finally, we do have a Links section which will be populated. If you have any links you can recommend for their usefulness or interest, let us know and we might add them on.

That'll do. Now leave me alone. I need to go to sleep.

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