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Event Date: 13th May to Sunday 15th May, 2016

Time In: 4pm on Friday the 13th of May, 2016

Time Out: Approximately 1pm on Sunday the 15th of May, 2016

Event Location: The Birks

Ref Team: Craig, Jonno, Lucie, Lucrecia, Monica, Tom

Players: 15

Total Event cost: £130 (Deposit of £30, then two payments of £50)





Flavour Pitch

Flavour Pitch
Sir, have transcribed a message received on your answerphone after you left the office this evening. I thought you might want to reply. Please let me know if you would like to me make arrangements.
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Set on the weekend of February the 13th, 1992, this is the purest game of investigation and intrigue that Aeon have run so far. If purely player-driven discovery, logic, and “mundane” interaction is not your thing, then you will probably not enjoy this event.


Players will be playing members of a crime scene investigation team who have been brought together to investigate the aftermath of a most bizarre and gruesome event in remote Duddon Valley in Cumbria. There will be people from a variety of professional backgrounds, from those strictly affiliated with the Force, to those whose consultancy skills may have proven useful in solving comparably grim or... unusual crimes before.


Players will have at their disposal the most up-to-date equipment that could be gathered at short notice: there will be need for those with expertise in a variety of forensic specialisms from psychology to forensic archaeology. Representatives from the Force will be present to control the gathering and presentation of information.


The key thing in this event will be collaboration - all characters will have insight into what’s happening. This is not to say that characters won’t have their own personal dramas to work through or their own agendas to follow, but we are excited by the division of responsibilities which will allow each player to experience a different piece of the puzzle.


A Note on Gameplay

It’s important to note that although we will be doing our utmost to maintain an air of realism with our game, we will be taking liberties with the structure of the investigation team and the flow of information to create an interesting and engaging game. As such, please do not enter into this event expecting it to be a perfect reflection of real world crime scene work. This will be a weekend of entertainment, after all! Refs have final say on the way in which things are run.


We have constructed a skill-team based on those skills we feel that players will find the most interesting to play with a range of skills and backgrounds that will provide exciting chemistry.


Similarly, we will be operating with “Hollywood” timescales appropriate to the time period for retrieval of information. Using technology appropriate to the era (good old fashioned land lines and fax machines), if players send through requests for information, they can expect results within hours rather than days or weeks.



Players are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from the event. Refs will not have space or opportunity to provide lifts. We will assist in any way we can with the planning of transport and will share details of train schedules, etc. closer to the time.


For more information on the format of weekend events, please see this page.


All members of the investigation team will be in plain clothes so don’t let lack of a uniform put you off. You will need to consider the role you are playing and be sure to bring appropriate kit. More information on this will be given when your role has been determined.



The Birks as a venue is in a remote location and is an old building, and as such there are several issues of accessibility to consider before signing up for any Aeon events set there. While the ref team will make every effort to adjust and accommodate any specific needs, there are some elements of the building itself that we cannot alter. These include:

  • Uneven flooring.  The Birks is an old farmhouse, so downstairs uses flagstones, some of which have subsided slightly, creating lips and ruts in places, which may catch crutches/wheels. Caution should also be taken when these floors are wet as they can become extremely slippery. 
  • The front entrance to the house is up a rough, uneven slope, which can make it difficult for wheelchair users or people who have difficulty walking.
  • Narrow gaps in the kitchen. The main body of the kitchen is separated off by a narrow gap between two cabinets. In the past it has been impossible to get a wheelchair through without first removing one wheel. There is a back door to the kitchen itself, but that requires going around the house.
  • The ground floor bedroom has a single step to get inside, meaning that any wheelchair users require assistance to get in or out of the bedroom.
  • The bathrooms lack a disabled toilet, or a toilet with sufficient bars/rails. Owing to some of the units being part shower and part toilet, there is a larger room that can accommodate a wheelchair, but depending on mobility you may require assistance to get onto the toilet.
  • The external barn is only accessible via stairs.
  • The internal barn that has been converted into a bedroom is only accessible by stairs.
  • The washroom at the side of the building (including two more toilets) is only reachable over uneven ground, and also has a small step and a relatively narrow door.


A lot of our events make use of the large wooded areas around the house. These are not accessible for a wheelchair user and may cause difficulty for those with mobility issues. The problems include:

  • Steep hills and uneven paths. A lot of the area is hilly and crossing from one side of the play area to another can be hard work, which may cause people with fatigue or mobility issues difficulty.
  • Streams. Some of the smaller footpaths can become small streams when it rains, making them slippery and more difficult to navigate.
  • A stile to cross from one part of the woods into another. This is the easiest way into that section of the woods and could present difficulty for those with mobility issues.
  • Muddy ground. Parts of the ground very quickly become boggy in the rain, which can present difficulty for those with mobility issues.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Aeon - anything raised will be treated in confidence.



Unlike other events Aeon have run, this one possesses a much more rigid character structure. We have specific roles set out and we would like players to specify which two character roles they would like to play, and which one role they would like to veto. We cannot guarantee that you will get one of your preferred roles, but we can guarantee that you will not be given your vetoed role.


When you have successfully booked your place, we will contact you to ask which role you would like to play. The information below is purely to assist you in deciding whether or not you would like to play.


Your character’s role/function in the investigation is of no bearing to their personality or backstory, aside from the career path they will have followed to obtain their position. Please don’t think that the Pathologist must be a dour, grim individual; similarly, Consultants need not be shy, lonely bookworms. We welcome your input to define your character’s background, personality, and drives.


Character roles are the following:

  • Detective
  • Policeman/woman
  • Pathologist
  • Forensic Media Specialists
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Forensic Archaeologist
  • Psychologist
  • Crime Scene Photographer
  • Consultant

You can see information about what these roles consist of in the images below. Click the "pause" icon to freeze the carousel, or click on images themselves to bring up larger versions.


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