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Late May 1880. Sacramento, California.

Ronald Chase is known among the right circles for having made good from prospecting, a man who succeeded in chasing the American Dream. Taking advantage of the somewhat wild nature of the west, he has gone from strength to strength to establish himself as one of California's foremost industrialists. Ever one to appreciate the risk-takers in life, Mr Chase has elected to host a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament on board the luxurious steam boat, Kerykeion.


News has spread as fast as word of mouth and the telegram system will allow. With a $5,000 buy-in, only the very best and the very rich can hope to participate. For some this is a chance to prove themselves, to others it is the opportunity of a lifetime to change what life has dealt them.


As darkness descends, the staff finish setting up the tables and readying the bar. The hopeful players arrive and take their places bedecked in their finery. The Kerykeion begins its lazy drift from the dock and begins to drift along the Sacramento River. All that remains is for the bell to sound... .

Event Details

This is a closed event which is being run for a winner of a charity auction event.


Event Date: Saturday the 9th of January, 2016
Event Location: The Gregson Centre, Lancaster
Ref Team: TBC
Player Spaces: 10

House Rules.pdf
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