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Future Events

Here's where you can see information on events that Aeon Horror LARP have in the pipeline.

The year is 1909. The Guild of the Red Rose, Lancaster's clandestine guild of commerce have come together for a monthly meeting to discuss current affairs and strengthen alliegances. The death of the most recent Guild Master does throw something of a pall over procedings. For one thing, the election of a new Guild Master is sure to overshadow other items on the agenda.

Despite the sombre tone of affairs, it should, by all accounts, be a regular meeting albeit one heavily steeped in politics, power games, and betrayal. Even more than usual, that is.

Late May 1880. Sacramento, California.

Ronald Chase is known among the right circles for having made good from prospecting, a man who succeeded in chasing the American Dream. Taking advantage of the somewhat wild nature of the west, he has gone from strength to strength to establish himself as one of California's foremost industrialists. Ever one to appreciate the risk-takers in life, Mr Chase has elected to host a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament on board the luxurious steam boat, Kerykeion.


News has spread as fast as word of mouth and the telegram system will allow. With a $5,000 buy-in, only the very best and the very rich can hope to participate.


For some this is a chance to prove themselves, to others it is the opportunity of a lifetime to change what life has dealt them.

Set on the weekend of February the 13th, 1992, this is the purest game of investigation and intrigue that Aeon have run so far.


Players will be playing members of a crime scene investigation team who have been brought together to investigate the aftermath of a most bizarre and gruesome event in remote Duddon Valley in Cumbria. There will be people from a variety of professional backgrounds, from those strictly affiliated with the Force, to those whose consultancy skills may have proven useful in solving comparably grim or ... unusual crimes before.


Players will have at their disposal the most up-to-date equipment that could be gathered at short notice: there will be need for those with expertise in a variety of forensic specialisms from psychology to forensic archaeology. Representatives from the Force will be present to control the gathering and presentation of information.


What is the truth of events that happened in the valley? And what are the wider repercussions...?

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