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Aeon is proud to be one of a few Horror LARP / LRP event organisers in the north of England. Here are a couple of our closest organisations


ROOM 13 -  Room 13 was the first of the current generation of horror larp groups coming out of Lancaster. There is a healthy cross over of organisers and we enjoy their work in exploring new venues and trying new techniques.

Shunned House is the newest kid on the block. They are run by a group of experienced players and organisers who are due to run their first event in September 2015. We're rather excited!

LURPS is the largest roleplay society in Lancaster and it has been a font of inspiration and friendship for a great many of us who are involved in horror larp today. They are an incredibly friendly bunch who welcome student and non-student members. They have a great deal of tabletop games running, at least 4 established live systems, and a very active social calendar.

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