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About The Team

Hello! We're the people who make up Ref teams for events run by Aeon. We're lovely.  Each game will be run by a team of six Refs. Other people will join us on the crew, but that varies significantly form one event to the next. We're the core people and its our faces you'll become most familiar with if you play in multiple games. Worth the price of admission alone, if you ask me. Sometimes we Ref, sometimes we crew, and sometimes we play, but all told, we're the people who make the horrible happen.






Dany. or Goat, or that guy who likes bears, sometimes "shut up".
I've been roleplaying since around 1993. Or earlier if you count making up friends in my head to play with. *sadviolin* I generally like to just say words out loud and see if they form into great ideas, sometimes, I'm sitting with other people when I do this and wonderful roleplay things happen. In less stupid terms, I come up with lots and lots of ideas.
BEARS! Also, well thought out sci-fi, epic fantasy, gritty westerns and weird modern day worlds. Some of my favourite subjects and settings are: World of Darkness, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Alien, X-Com, an old PC game called Abomination, Doctor Who, City of Heroes, Dead Man, Deadwood, The X Files, Fringe, Game of Thrones.
Oh, and, everything Warren Ellis has ever written.
Oh god, pretty much anything, I'm really easy. I don't smoke though.
Not custard.
Out of everyone on the ref team, I'm the only one without an interesting fact!



I've been seriously roleplaying (not counting Warhammer Quest and Steve Jackson books) since late 2001. I began running games (both tabletop and live action) since a little after that, having seen how wonderful a match GMing was to my other interests of Designing Systems For Things and of Being A Control Freak. Nowadays, I've got a solid bunch of regular players and refs, but I'm always keen to seek out new roleplayers, so I may feast on their brains.
My roleplay genre preferences tend towards fantasy, occult, action, horror, investigational, and combinations of those adjectives. I also like crafting systems to try and capture the moods of whatever I've been watching or reading lately. Want some media references? Okay, relevant to this discussion try:
Fantastic worlds: Neil Gaiman; Studio Ghibli; Guillermo del Toro; Warhammer Fantasy; A Song and Fire and Ice
Occult/Horror mythoi: Unknown Armies; HP Lovecraft; Silent Hill; Eternal Darkness; Kult
Directors: Christopher Nolan, Rildley Scott, Joss Whedon, Zach Snyder

Ginger beer and jellybabies (during); single malt whisky (after)
Half morris dancer (by ethnic inheritance); Former member of the national Crotchgoblin Research Council; and Lineless Jet #2 in school production of West Side Story.





I was introduced to pen and paper rolepaying (Tunnels and Trolls!) by my older brothers when I was, oooh, maybe ten years old, and have been involved in such things ever since. Which is, like, centuries. I love to write, and have several novels in the works, alongside the many many many short stories on my Wordpress site. Maybe one day, one of them will even be published... I also play video games, and am a big fan of Dragon Age.
A wide and eclectic array of Stuff. Including, at random: Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, the films of Guillermo del Toro, Studio Ghibli, RPGs from Warhammer to Paranoia to Cyberpunk to White Wolf, cheesy TV "documentaries" about the occult, serial killers- um, not in that way, don't look at me like that...
Chocolate, cider, anything related to Hello Kitty or Pandas
I play in a samba/reggae percussion band called Batala and generally enjoy making noise. My mother was a card carrying member of the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society.



Before I came to University in 2006, I didn’t even know what roleplaying was - I’d just heard an old theatre friend of mine say it was fun, and so on a whim I joined the Lancaster University Roleplaying Society to try it out. I still remember the amazement at my first LARP - it felt as if I’d finally found a name for that daydreaming stuff I spent so long doing. Other people do this? I thought, and I became immediately addicted.
I spent a fair few years playing in tabletop games and various live systems, until in 2011 I signed up to crew for a Room 13 event. After all, I loved scaring people, so it sounded like I’d have a lot of fun. As it was, I enjoyed it so much that the year after I signed up to play.
I still love scaring people. I’m a horror writer, one half of the current Vampires In Public ref team, and after crewing and assisting with a few other events, I finally jumped into full-on ref for Lullaby Pass and now they can’t get rid of me.
I’m terrible at citing influences. Tommyknockers by Stephen King; Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist; the various Hannibal books and the TV series; films that mix body horror and psychological like Se7en; Buffy the Vampire Slayer… Most of my stuff comes out of my own imagination. Ever since I was a kid I liked freaking people out by thinking of horrible things.
Cinnamon whirls, milk or white chocolate, dry cider, nice veggie foods. Um. Kittens
My favourite colour is purple and my favourite number is 9, and I have synesthesia so 9 is purple to me. I also have temporal lobe epilepsy, hence the nickname ‘Lepsy’



Laura, a.k.a. Lucrecia a.k.a. The One With The Schedule, a.k.a. The Project Manager
I've been role playing since the late 90s, but was brought up on a steady diet of DragonLance, Discworld, Videogames, and the sort of self-defensive imagination that springs up when you have an older brother who alternates between dreaming up stories with you and farting in your face. My roots are settled in tabletop gaming; I've always appreciated those GMs who go a little bit further to set the scene. It took until 2007/8 before I finally got the courage to try horror LARP. To say I was converted is something of an understatement.

Books: Stephen King, the Lovecraft Mythos, Dean Koontz, James Herbert, Clive Barker, 19th Century gothic/romantic, Neil Gaiman. RP Games: Unknown Armies (Atlas Games); Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium), a great many others. Vidja Games: Amnesia (Frictional); the Silent Hill series (Konami); Resident Evil (Capcom). Movies and TV:  The Alien series; Hellraiser (1987); Se7en (1995); Event Horizon (1997); Dark City (1998); The Ninth Gate (1999); Saw (2004); Doctor Who; Pan’s Labyrinth (2006); Black Swan (2010); Anything by studio Ghibli; True Detective; Hannibal
Liqueuers and good jokes
I have two terms' worth of Tae Kwon Do learning which means I can kick the ass of precisely no one at all.


I first roleplayed in my first year of uni, back in 2008. I got hooked on tabletop, and shortly after attended my first Horror LARP. I fell in love with LARP, as well as the horror/mystery genre. Since that time, I've studied more about running these events, and volunteered to help a one day event, eventually going on to organising my own weekend event.
I like a lot of strange things, and find the weirdest things cute or endearing. Birds, mostly owls, are my homeboys.
Anime/manga: Higurashi no naku koro ni, Umineko no naku koro ni (heavily inspired the Bodies in the Attic game), Blood+, Blood C, Another, Mirai Nikki, Utena, Battle Royale, Cat soup, Petshop of horrors, Elfen Lied, Tokyo Akazukin, Narutaru and more.
Video games: Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Saya no uta, Eternal Darkness, Dead Space, Amnesia (Can't forgot this ♥)
Various books, movies, short films and other stuff that gets mashed together.
My own mind. It just creates stuff.
Oh yeah, and the internet. /x/ is actually sometimes really good.
Anything cute. Put a bird on something and I'm yours.
I love horror, and love being scared, but can't stand horror movies. If I'm at an event, huddled in a corner hugging myself and crying hysterically, I'm having a great time.




I was that sad goth kid with the World of Darkness source book and nobody to play Vampire with. Then I found My People.

Somewhere between then and now I did a whole bunch of stuff, including getting mildly injured in a panda related incident while filming something for a local news station in China.

I do a good chunk of the sound design for Aeon – if there’s an audio prop knocking around, that may well be my fault.
My idea of a really good time is being given a really big gun that shoots grenades that turn into bees that penetrate your target and create a hive in the caverns of their body, causing them to die slowly over a period of days as their lungs slowly fill with honey.
I like Robocop, costume dramas and political thrillers, amongst a lot of other things.
I collect favours of varying shapes and sizes. If you tell me you’ll owe me one, someday I’ll come and collect at my own convenience.
My superpower is being in the wrong place at the right time.

I think this might be a contributing factor as to why I’m on the ref team.





Naomi, Nai
I’ve been roleplaying since 1998, ignoring all the ‘let’s pretend’ before then, but it took a while to get into larp, and then longer to step behind the iron curtain.  I used to write nightly at school just to get ideas out of my head, now that creativity goes into roleplay instead.
When I have time I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on (except romance) and used to use my parents library cards to get hold even more sci-fi, fantasy and horror books.
I love horror films that focus on atmosphere instead of in your face gore.
Convince me I’m going to find it amusing
I’m ambi-sinister (like ambi-dextrous but clumsy too) and dyslexic which can combine in interesting ways but also means I sometimes can look at things side on in interesting ways.
My proudest ref moment was witnessing / reffing an encounter I came up with which left a very dear friend of mine in tears of pure woe.



Richard, Rich, Archie.
I've been roleplaying since about 2002, but was wargaming since 1992, playing Hero Quest since about 1988, reading Fighting Fantasy Books since about 1987, playing with Lego since 1985. I also write words, and would write more of them if I didn't play so many video games.
Books: Lovecraft et al, Neil Gaiman, Artesia, Warren Ellis, Harry Turtledove, George R R Martin, history.
TV/Film: Babylon 5, Alias, Spooks, Silent Hill, The Prophecy, Ultraviolet (the series, not the film of the same name), Night Watch (yes, I know it's a book as well), anything with an HBO logo on it.
Roleplaying Games/Wargames: Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 (plus associated books, video games, films and, of course, the roleplaying games), Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Godlike, Unknown Armies, Eclipse Phase.
Video Games: The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Max Payne, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Thief.
Jelly babies, San Pellegrino, beautiful women.
Out of everyone on the ref team, I'm not the only one without an interesting fact


Tom, a.k.a. Pilgrim a.k.a. Big Tom
I've been roleplaying and running games now for more of my life than I haven't. My first published work is a decade and change old, but I've been writing as long as I've been gaming. Doing something like AEON was a natural next step that I spectacularly failed to take for the longest time. Nothing's more fun than watching players take what you give them and blow it up into something magical.
Books: M.R. James; Richard Matheson, the unsung crown prince of 20th century horror; Jack Williamson (Darker Than You Think is horror genius – never has someone done so much by not actually saying anything); Fritz Leiber; John Wyndham; and at the modern end, Neil Gaiman; Joe Hill; Michael Marshall Smith; Kim Newman; Joe Lansdale; Mark Z. Danielewski; Clive Barker; Stephen King; Tim Powers; and Greg Stolze.
In poetry, T.S. Eliot, Louis MacNeice, and others produce beautiful horrorscapes, though few to compare with A Man Of Words and Not Of Deeds.
RP Games: Unknown Armies (Atlas Games); Kult (Metropolis); Delta Green (Pagan Publishing), Werewolf: The Forsaken and some affiliated materials (White Wolf), Warhammer Fantasy, particularly the Hogshead Publishing era.
Vidja Games: The Broken Sword series (Revolution Software); the X-Com games (at this point, various); the Fallout series (Black Isle and others); every point-and-click game LucasArts ever made; L.A. Noire (Rockstar) and Alpha Protocol (Obsidian)
Movies and TV: Predator 2 (1990); The Alien series; Cube (1997); Hellraiser (1987); The Devil Rides Out (1967); Event Horizon (1997); Fallen (1998); Dark City (1998); Saw (2004); Edge of Darkness (1985), Sapphire & Steel (1979), Run Lola Run (1998), Hannibal (2013), True Detective (2014), Luther (2010).
Music: Angelo Badalamenti; Ennio Morricone; Babylon Zoo; Halestorm; Wardruna; Warren Zevon; Poe
Scotch; dark chocolate; alluring smiles (alluringness, note, is subjective); jokes. Occasionally friendship.
I'm as confident as I need to be, and no more. But sometimes that means I have to find a way to be very, very confident.

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