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Welcome to Aeon Horror LARP

Welcome to the home of Aeon Horror LARP! We are based in Lancaster, UK and we run live action roleplaying (otherwise known as LARP or LRP) games in the horror genre. We welcome players new and old, experienced or completely inexperienced to come join us. Please take a look around and get in touch if you have any questions!


News: Last update: the 20th of September, 2015. The pitch for our next weekend larp is up!

Come and find out what we're up to. This is the place to go for website updates, for the release of new games and media, and system changes.

Future Events: This is where we share all the information we have for upcoming LARP events. We will post details as far in advance as we can, posting teasers and trailers before providing vital logistical and sign-up stuff

About Us: A helpful set of FAQs to help you find out about Aeon, horror LARP, our motivations, our influences, and our team. We also provide our Contact details, links to helpful resources and to similar LARP groups we're affiliated with.

Past Events: The repository of past horrors - the archive of LARP events we've run. We're very proud of the games we've organised and we're happy to share those stories with you. If you want a better idea of what we do, come here!



Gamplay: The all important system used in Aeon Horror LARP events. This section of the site contains all the information you'll need to know before you participate in our games. We cover the "how to" of mechanical gameplay and H&S.

Props: This is the section of the site where Refs and Crew talk about the work we put into the incidental and not-so-incidental features of our LARP events. Physical props, sound, video, and the rest. Our showcase and how-we-dunnits.


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